We believe, from little things, big things grow.

Ōtautahi Tiny Performance Festival is a platform for audiences to engage in the work of experimental and independent artists.

Tiny Festival 2019 brings together a range of performance disciplines from Performance Art to Theatre, Dance, Music and Poetry for a day-long series of unmissable events. 

The festival draws together a new generation of physical performance makers from Ōtautahi, Aotearoa, and beyond.

We embrace artists that are taking risks, pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground and artists that spark dialogue and ask questions rather than provide answers.

We have curated work that is not necessarily easy but instead, transcends our understanding of ourselves and our world and has the courage to speak to the challenges of our times. 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

- Vincent van Gogh

We believe, from little things, big things grow. 

Ōtautahi Tiny Performance Festival is about intimacy, shared experience at close quarters and small moments that can endure long after the performance ends.

The festival is comprised mainly of solos, duos and trios, so as an audience you are getting artists at their most vulnerable and breaking new ground with their practice.

Our shows seat 100 at the most with one of our sessions only taking 12 people per booking. In the day and age of mass production and bigger is better, our festival suggests we place value on the little things.  

"Though she be but little - she is fierce"

- William Shakespeare

We believe, from little things, big things grow. 

Ōtautahi Tiny Performance Festival is about heartfelt exchange and shared experience in the light of day and moving together once it gets dark. 

Join us for a day of gutsy, personal, political, messy and vulnerable work. It is time to celebrate the experimental, the innovative and the brave. 


"You may think I’m small but I have a universe inside my mind"

- Yoko Ono

dance / poetry / music / theatre / performance art

Join us for 14 hours of curated new-wave performance on the 30th of November at the Center of Contemporary Art (CoCA)