Nowhere is the first solo in a series of movement investigations by Rebecca Jensen. It is a nearly a homonym for being quite clear about where you are and being no place at all.

This work follows an enduring interest in the fallibility of the body in this precarious time. The body contains the learned, the inherited, the implanted, the absorbed, in a swamp of dislocated origins.

Nowhere explores its porosity and vulnerability in a continuous cycle of change and development; considering increasing toxicity and excess, influenced by a wide range of information; micro plastics to a daily saturation of visual and aural stimulus.

Nowhere attempts to locate, resurface and physicalise dormant embodied waste.

Rebecca Jensen

Rebecca is a Melbourne-based, New Zealand-born dancer, choreographer and teacher. Rebecca works with collage, weaving together narratives, symbolism and learned physicalities, with a sustaining interest in generating improvisational scores that examine social and ecological systems.

She has presented work in Dance Massive 2015/17, To Do/To Make Neon Parc 2018, Venice Biennale International Dance Festival 2018, Kier Choreographic Award Final 2016, MPavillion, Spring 1883 Windsor Hotel 2016, Next Wave Festival 2014/18, Supercell Festival 2017.

Rebecca collaborates with Sarah Aiken (OVERWORLD Next Wave festival 2014, Dance Massive 2015, Underworld Supercell Festival Brisbane & Darebin Arts 2017, Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019), and together they founded ongoing participatory dance project Deep Soulful Sweats, presented locally, interstate and internationally.

Rebecca works as a dancer for a range of artists including Jo Lloyd and Lucy Guerin Inc. Rebecca was a recipient of DanceWEB Europe scholarship in 2015.